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Welcome to the demo of our highly scalable Enterprise eCommerce Integrated Software Suite.  It is a Semi-Custom solution with core components built on world class software libraries and plugable extensions, providing Enterprise level performance within a reasonable budget for rapidly growing businesses.

The demo is intended for extended evalutation by entrepreneurs and/or technical staff.  There are four integrated core interfaces: the Customer, Administrative, Phone Sales, and Shipping Interfaces. In the customer interface advanced search capabilities such as key word searches are standard, along with Category, and Brand Name searches and Search Results Sorting.

The software suite was designed from the ground up, to be a fully integrated Semi-Custom Solution for the demands of Enterprise Level eCommerce supporting plugable extensions for businesses with specific functional and presentation requirements.  It distinguishes itself from the hundreds of micro-budget PHP template websites, and also from the large budget custom software projects associated with large Enterprises.  The Semi-Custom approach offers the advantages of scalability, robustness and performance, normally found in enterprise level software, to rapidly growing businesses who do not have the time or budget to attempt a custom software enterprise solution. 

This example models an online music shop with 1000 products, but can easily handle many times that number of products, customers and sales orders. As an example of Semi-Custom presentation: this front page is a standard component that is designed to be easily maintained by an entrepreneur, with editable News, Featured Products, and Just-In sections; this entire front page can be replaced with a custom design as is appropraite to your business needs.

Please feel free to try out the demo, and contact us if you would like to try out the Admin, Sales, and Shipping interfaces as well.  We can also provide a walk-through upon request.